David Samuel Stedman

DAVID SAMUEL STEDMAN (STEADMAN) (20 Feb 1862 – 20 Dec 1932) was born in Pennington, Bradley County, Arkansas the son of Ancel Green Steadman and Margaret J Waters.

David Samuel Steadman

David and Lenora Weir met at a logging camp where he worked as a logger and she as a cook.  Their relationship resulted in their only child, Esther Weir Stedman, born out of wedlock.

Once it was discovered that Lenora was with child, Lenora left the logging camps and moved to Gifford, Hot Springs County, Arkansas where she gave birth to their daughter.  Lenora remained in Gifford, estranged from David for several years after Esther’s birth.

Lenora died four years after Esther’s birth.  After Lenora’s death, responsibility for Esther’s care fell back to David who initially arranged for his father, Ancel, and mother, Margaret, to look after her.  Later, David made formal arrangements for Esther’s guardianship, initially granting responsibility for Esther’s care to a Mr. J.H. Adams.  Esther’s guardianship later transferred briefly to David, and then ultimately on to Samuel and Zilpha Owen who provided for Esther’s care thereafter.

David married Panolia Hill on 7 Dec 1893 in Bradley County, Arkansas.  David and Panolia had 11 children of record:

  • Eleanor Panolia Steadman (1895 – 1987)
  • Maggie E Steadman (1896 – Unknown)
  • Irven Hill Steadman (1900 – 1900)
  • Robert Steadman (1901 – 1956)
  • David Monroe Steadman (1903 – 1944)
  • Winfred Spence Steadman (1905 – Unknown)
  • Hill Caruth Steadman (1907 – Unknown)
  • Thelma Moss Steadman (1909 – 1958)
  • Doris Inez Steadman (1912 – 1983)
  • Alabama Lorene Steadman (1915 – 1961)
  • Infant Daughter Steadman (1917 – 1917)

David died at his home in Bradley County and was buried in the Adams-Singer Cemetery in Bradley County, Arkansas.

An excerpt of his obituary follows:


The Eagle Democrat, Warren, Arkansas, Thursday, Dec. 29, 1932

David S. Stedman

David Samuel Stedman, aged 70, died at his home 10 miles south of Warren last Wednesday morning at 12:45 o’clock from heart trouble.  He was born February 20, 1862 three miles north of Warren and in 1869 moved with his parents to the farm 10 miles south of Warren.  He married Miss Panolia Hill on December 7, 1893.

Mr. Stedman is survived by his wife and five daughters, Mrs. G.B. St. John of Hermitage, Mrs. Sell Forrest of Sumpter, and Mrs. W.M. Measles, Mrs. Jimmie Hargraves and Miss Bama Stedman of Warren; four sons: Robert Stedman, Monroe Stedman, Winfred Stedman and Carruth Stedman of Warren; one brother I.M. Stedman of Warren.

Funeral services were conducted last Thursday morning at 11 o’clock at Adams cemetery, five miles south of Warren by Rev. Bruce C. Boney, Presbyterian pastor here.

DS Steadman Gravestone

David Samuel Steadman Headstone